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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you travel?
Yes, we are part of a bigger organization, Hill Country Youth Football League and play other teams in our division.
Locations can be found on our website or HCYFL.
Our home field is Jumbo Evans. We travel as close as Boerne and as far as Lake Travis.
Cheerleaders do travel with the teams.

What is the difference between this league and other 
local leagues / clubs?
We are a competitive youth league that also teaches the fundamentals and safety of the sport.
We currently do not have a flag offering

SVYFA is a member of the Hill Country Youth Football League (HCYFL)...
HCYFL is a grade first league that promotes loyalty to school districts. HCYFL develops kids in the sound fundamentals of football in an environment that creates pride in each associations home town team. There are 2 Divisions in HCYFL. UIL enrollment numbers are used to determine which division each association will compete in. HCYFL is the Premier Youth Football League in the Texas Hill Country, currently composed of 20 organizations. HCYFL adheres to UIL rank order to classify Division I and Division II.

HCYFL is composed entirely of associations that adhere to school feeder systems. HCYFL believes in developing a local football community and culture that the children will carry on when they enter the school that they play for. HCYFL is a competitive league, however, development of young players always comes first. HCYFL believes that there should be a perfect balance and a natural progression that brings children from the fundamentals of football to full UIL rules as they move up through the divisions.

HCYFL believes that children of all sizes should be able to play football. HCYFL is an unlimited weight league, however, HCYFL has placed reasonable restrictions on the backfield/ball carrying positions. Wise balance is the thread through out the league.

HCYFL believes that 8 to 9 games is an appropriate length of a tackle season for youth football players. Therefore a typical season consists of 7 regular season games, a semi final play off game or a bowl game to give a team 8 games. Teams that advance from the semi finals get a 9th game for championships. This is the right amount of tackle football to give the players a great experience and at the same time leave them hungry for more when the season is completed.

Why do we have to register so early?
The main reason for this is so we can get an accurate head count for the upcoming season, mostly for equipment and volunteer planning needs. Football and Cheer is an expensive sport and we need to make sure that our players have the best and safest equipment available. To insure this, we need to know how many kids we have signed up to determine how many new helmets we need, etc. Helmets are replaced or reconditioned by the manufacturer every year which entails x-raying them to determine if there are any micro cracks and cleaning/replacing the inside padding. This process is expensive but necessary for the safety of our players.

What are the SVYFA Boundaries?
Children that attend all elementary schools in Smithson Valley Middle, Spring Branch Middle School, and Pieper Ranch feeder pattern are eligible to play and cheer for SVYFA.  These schools include Rahe Bulverde, Timberwood Park, Johnson Ranch, Kinder Ranch, Indian Springs, Garden Ridge, Specht Elementary, Bill Brown, and Arlon Seay, Smithson Valley Middle and Spring Branch Middle schools.  Students who want to play or cheer for SVYFA but who do not attend a Comal ISD school may also be able to participate on a case by case basis. If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Board of Directors.

When are practices?

Cheer may have an additional practice closer to end of season performance. Practice starts on July 30th with 10 hours of conditioning that is mandated by the State of Texas. After conditioning, practices are normally 3 days a week until school starts then 2 days a week after that. The practice dates and times will vary depending on the head coach.  Practices are held at a variety of locations in the Bulverde/Spring Branch such as Jumbo Evans Sports Park, Neighborhood Parks, and Bulverde Community Park.

When are games?
We play our games on Saturdays. There will be a league wide scrimmage/roster certification held in mid August.  The first game of the season is scheduled for late August - October.  Semi-finals, bowl games, and championship games are scheduled for last two weeks in October.  The season concludes late October and closes with end of season party in November

What about COVID?
We have COVID waivers that each parent must sign for their child.

Cost for 2021?
$275 for football and $275 for cheer.


Is it really a coaching staff?
This is a volunteer lead organization and our coaches do participate in the proper certifications to be able to coach.
Certificates are on file. This is to ensure the safety and training of our players & cheerleaders.

Do we buy our own equipment?
Your player will need their own cleats, mouthguard and under apparel and practice pants (found at academy).
Buy multiple mouthguards. Kids will NOT be allowed to play without one.
The registration covers rental of helmet and shoulder pads.
Uniform & practice jersey is covered in registration & is your players to keep
Cheer will need to purchase cheer shoes and uniforms are covered in cost & are yours to keep


Do the girls need experience?
No! But we also welcome it.

Do the girls do stunting?
Basic fundamentals are taught

What do the girls learn / do?
They learn the fundamentals of cheer.
We do offer different instruction levels based on skill level.
At the sixth grade level the coaches try to prepare them for middle school tryouts.

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